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Due to the nature of independent work, I cannot share videos I have created for my clients.  Instead, here is a list of high profile contracts I have worked with.

I capture live performances of performance artists for (FOLKYEAH!!!)’s upcoming web channel.  Credits include Explosions in the Sky, Fleet Foxes, and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.

Jim Pinckney Photography
I work with Jim Pinckney on a variety of projects, typically commercials for television. 

Monterey History and Art Association 
With the Monterey History and Art Association I do editing and production assistant work on the 100 Stories project.  This requires the editing of dozens of hours of interviews with one hundred historians and experts on the Monterey area.  The project is the single most comprehensive video history of the Monterey County area ever compiled.  The footage is cut on Adobe Premiere.  I will also be editing an upcoming project on a similar scale.

The HARA Institute
At the HARA Institute I teach students about visual communication in film and how to use the technology available.  I give a weekly dissection of a film of our choosing to the public.

Wave Street Studios
Wave Street Studios is an independent boutique television studio located on the world famous Cannery Row of Monterey Bay.  With Wave street I shot dozens of weddings and a variety of live acts in footage that has been seen around the world.













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