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Fred Nelson Productions uses state of the art, High Definition Equipment, to provide the best visual and audio quality for your film, video, or movie.

Sony NEX-FS100: 
The Sony NEX FS100 is a Full High Definition, interchangeable lens camera.  The FS100 has  a Super 35mm Sensor with uncompressed color resolution, which means the images it produces are the same quality as those found in most modern motion pictures.  This camera allows me to record your event non-stop.  I don’t have to end recording for up to 12 hours.  The camera also uses an XLR based Shotgun microphone, which picks up high quality, clean, crisp sound.

Canon EOS 7D:
The 7D is a high end, Full High Definition, DSLR photography camera with video capability.  It is the same camera used to shoot portions of the movies Black Swan, 127 Hours, and Like Crazy.   The 7D aside from allowing me another way to capture high-end video, allows me to take high quality photos as well.

Canon HV30:
My little Canon HV30 is an incredible option for run and gun style shoots.  It’s  a great little high definition camcorder with incredible low-light capability.  I have used my HV30 during professional shoots of live performances of world famous bands, such as Explosions in the Sky and the Fleet Foxes.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
The latest adobe editing software  allows me to cut together footage into a cohesive piece.  I can output your video onto DVD, Blu-Ray or onto a digital file format of your choosing.













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